Founded in 2016, EnerVision specializes in Li-ion battery pack businesses with designing and manufacturing capabilities. CK Kim, CEO, has been in Li-ion battery industry for about 10 years and built extensive networks with the global Li-ion battery manufacturers in the world from the experiences of Apple as a Sr. Global Supply Manager.

The need for emergency power sources to cope with outage situation at home and offices is increasing day by day. However, most current power systems are made by lead acid batteries, which are not safe. Along with the rapidly changing lifestyle in outdoor activities and need for charging multiple devices, higher energy solutions as power banks have been used as a back- up energy sources for smart phones. To meet these growing needs for safe, portable, higher energy power sources, EnerVision introduces most reliable, the smallest and lightest, Li-ion battery portable power stations.


EnerVision also provides most reliable E-Scooter battery pack solutions with premier Li-ion battery cells from LG Chem (Li-ion cylindrical cells) and ATL (Li-ion polymer cells), top four most trustworthy Li-ion battery manufacturers in the world. EnerVision E-Scooter battery pack solutions score
the top on the list of US patented cell equalizing technology and boast secondary protections to ensure safety.

Our mission is to power up everyone’s life with our vision and energy. We offer strong battery solutions to your phone, laptop, office computer or home appliances. Your work won’t have any interruptions, nor will your energy and power!

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