Energy Technology Exhibition

Energy Technology Exhibition

We took part in the Energy Technology Exhibition dedicated to showcasing innovations and developments both within Duke and beyond.

The exhibits were in the Fitzpatrick CIEMAS Atrium with rotating topic presentations occurring every 15 minutes.

We presented our EnerVision Li-ion Battery Portable Power Stations.

Topics showcased also included:
• Solar Thermal Devices for Renewable Hydrogen Generation with Dr. Nico Hotz
• Exploring Energy Infrastructure with Satellite Imagery with Energy Data Analytics Lab
• High-Efficiency Vehicles with Duke Electric Vehicles Team
• Energy Data Visualization & Home Connectivity with Duke Smart Home
• Processing Methods for Chalcogenide-Based Thin Film Solar Cells with Dr. David Mitzi & Jiwoo Song
• Solar Thermal Energy Storage with Dr. Josiah Knight with EnerVision Co

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