Preparedness is Essential in Surviving Any Natural Disaster

Preparedness is essential in surviving any natural disaster

Every year millions of people are impacted by natural disasters. Floods, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes can and do happen. Preparedness is essential in surviving any natural disaster. And let’s admit that after any kind of emergency life becomes chaotic.

No matter how well you are prepared almost always electricity supply gets cut off making people more anxious. Restoring electricity by power companies can take days, sometimes weeks.

That’s why year after year the need for an emergency power source is growing. Our company started its business with the aim to help people during disasters and emergency situations by providing portable power stations that can deliver electricity for a long time with easy access to charging.

Our products, EnerVision Portable Power Station 200 (3.2lbs (1.45kg) and EnerVision Portable Power Station 450 (7.94lbs (3.6kg) are the smallest and the lightest power stations in the market.

To give a more accurate idea, here is what with a full charge EnerVision 200 can power:
– Laptop: 3-4 times
– Smartphone: 18 – 30 times
– Tablet: 6 times
– Drone: 1-3 times
– GoPro: run 40 hours
– Electric guitar: 10 hours
– Fan: 8-10 hours

EnerVision Portable Power Station 450 can power:
– Smartphone: 48 times
– Laptop: 6-8 hours
– Desktop 3-4 hours
– 50W LCD 8-9 hours
– 50W fans 8-9 hours

EnerVision 200 is charged quickly by Type C PD up to 30W. A car jump starter is available for EnerVision 450. As an environmentally friendly company, we made sure that our power stations can be charged also with a solar panel. EnerVision power stations have LED for SOS lights which can be handy in an emergency.

We hope our products will help you to be prepared and safe.

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