Ray Charles Compared Electricity to a Soul

Ray Charles compared electricity to a soul saying that ” … we don’t really know what it is but it’s a force that can light a room.” Today with the new generation of modern conveniences present almost in every corner, we need more and more electricity to power our life. No wonder we experience frustration and disappointment when a phone runs out of juice right in the middle of an important business call or the laptop goes dark right when we are making a presentation to a perspective client. Invisible, yet powerful, power seems to dominate every aspect of our life.

Meet portable station EnerVision 200 proudly designed and developed by EnerVision. It is the smallest, lightest, high power Li-ion battery portable power station with Type C PD function. But what makes it more valuable than other power stations is its wide range of use. With EnerVision 200 you can recharge any electronic device under 120W with Pure Sine Wave Technology.

You might not feel its presence during your long road trips, business visits or when travelling to work but you will definitely need it. Its small size and large capacity allow you to recharge any device anywhere irrespective of weather conditions. It works equally efficiently in cold, cloudy weather conditions and in instances where the power station’s state of change is low.

It also enables automatic stop of charging in case of risky situations or disasters.

Its DC and AC output function is highly compatible with various household appliances under 120W, such as refrigerator and other electrical appliances. And it about 99 percent of compatibility.

Sometimes it’s small changes that make big differences! EnerVision 200 is one of the best investments you can make to power your life and to stop worrying about problems like blackouts, exhausted batteries or unexpected power outage.

Do not let minor troubles take power of your life! Take the power back into your own hands!

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